The one platform for all of your L&D needs.

      If your people can find the knowledge they need when they need it, they’ll build skills, work smarter and be more productive. Give us less than 30 minutes of your time, and we’ll show you how!

      Our live tour of HowNow covers how to capture and share knowledge, create learning pathways that help your people build skills, and encourage them to learn for themselves.


      6 things you’ll learn how to do:

      Bring scattered learning together.

      Reduce time spent searching for information by up to 35%, by bringing together all your scattered resources and knowledge in HowNow.

      Learn in the flow of work.

      Make content searchable at the point of need and put smiles of people’s faces - this is how 49% of employees prefer to learn.

      Create your content library.

      Mix and match content types and providers, and combine your best resources with external libraries to create a living, breathing knowledge base.

      Personalise learning.

      Receive relevant content recommendations based on your behaviour, job role, goals and what similar people are learning. That’s even less time spent searching for information.

      Create learning content fast.

      Read something important in an article? Save it as a Nugget. Someone sends you a great tip as a message? Save it as a Nugget! Find an invaluable resource you want to share? You get the idea...

      Stop leaking knowledge.

      Give everyone a platform to capture and share knowledge as they work. We show you HowNow’s Slack and Microsoft Teams Integration and our Browser Extension, which surfaces your resources as you search in Google. Yes, really!

      See HowNow in action

      It's time to take your tour! Click play, and let's get you on your way.

      Nelson Sivalingam,
      CEO and Co-Founder

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