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      From Buzzword To Business Impact: 
      Using AI For Effective L&D 

      Date: 29/05/24   
      Time: 3 PM BST | 10 AM ET

      Learn how to use AI to be more effective in L&D, not just more efficient, and drive real business impact.

      We're underusing AI's potential for short-term gains!


      And it’s because we’re obsessed with efficiency! Automating tasks, churning out content…

      Instead, we should be focused on effectiveness. Those practical uses that allow L&D to drive business impact.

      In this webinar, we'll take you through some of the big ones!

      What’s in store?

      📈 Learn how to use AI to solve real business problems.

      🎙️ Practical advice on closing your skills gaps with AI.

      🙌 Insights on delivering personalised L&D in the AI era.

      Mel Headshot

      Mel MacMahon
      VP of Product


      Nelson Sivalingam
      CEO, Co-founder, Author